Types of Cloud Storage: What Is Cloud Storage

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Data has become one of the most priceless possessions in today’s world. Though intangible, they hold values that surpass billions of dollars. For every individual who works with a computer, it is important to store and backup all their files and information. There are many different ways people and companies save data these days and cloud storage is among the most important and effective options.

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a method by which a service provider involved in data storing and management will store your data. The data is stored on the internet and can be easily accessed by you instantly, no matter where you are. This data stored with a third-party provider can be accessed directly through the public internet or specific private networks. When you make use of a cloud storage provider, you are relieved of the task to develop your own data storage methods and structures. Your data can be stored in the cloud on various tiers, and you can be charged differently based on how often you access particular data.


Cloud storage is important since your firm’s data must be secure and easily accessible even if a natural disaster is raging on outside. The storage provider could also increase your storage as required, unlike other methods which often run out of space. You can store some data as archives while the more immediately necessary ones can be stored differently. The service provider also manages and secures your data with restricted access given only to authorized individuals.

While public clouds are used by multiple firms and are cost-effective, private clouds work for only a single organization. A hybrid cloud brings the two together and provides the client with various advantages.

Types of Cloud Storage

There are three different types of cloud storages.

Block storage lets you save your files in equal-sized blocks. They are high-performing, and the blocks can be accessed as separate hard drives.


Object storage is useful if you have massive amounts of unstructured data and files. Applications are often stored in object storage since they provide immense scalability. The data is also much easily shared since the object storage provides users with better authentication facilities.

File storage can be used when you want to store all your data systematically. Your files will be hierarchically stored and easily accessible while you will be required to do regular check-ups and remove the unwanted ones. If you aim to keep your files secure while sharing them with the right individuals, choose file storage.

Summing up

Cloud storage helps you securely store your data at off-site servers and access them anytime that you please. The different types of cloud storage are categorized based on the files that are stored and the way the storage is carried out.

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